Gelateria Il Doge

Nominated as the best ice cream in Venice. the First ice cream to take away, since 30 years in Venice.
Best Ice Cream

About Us

Welcome to Gelateria Il Doge Icecream shop. A place to
go if you love to eat truly best Ice Cream. It all
started with our first location in Campo Santa
Margherita and other is in San Toma. Our goal was to
create an ice cream for the young and young at heart.
Gelateia Il doge ice cream is unlike anything you’ve
ever tasted before! We have lots of delicious flavors
you can taste: smooth and creamy, perfectly blended
together. The ice creams are all made from fresh and
natural fruits. It was awarded the best ice cream in

This is the historic shop of Il doge.
It is in campo Santa Margherita (the
“party” square 15 minutes from the
train station). With this shop Il Doge
became the first take-away shop in
Venice and was nominated multiple
times as the BEST ice cream of Venice.

This is insead the newest shop of
al doge: same top quality, but new
design. The shop is located in the
nearings of campo San Tomà, 10
minutes from Rialto bridge and
San Polo.

Meet the best ice cream in Venice!

Passion, commitment craftsmanship and constant
search of the best ingredients. In our ice creams,
without hydrogenated fats and dyes, you will find
only the finest ingredients. Typical flavors are
Cream of the Doge (candied orange and chocolate)
and then all the CLASSICS from the best italian
tradition: stracciatella, amarena, milk, caramel,
pistachio and more than 15 others.

ALL of our ice-creams are gluten free and hydrogenated-fats free. We also offer our clients some flavours without milk and sugar (VEGAN friendly) !

The only Sicilian granita in Venice, fresh fruit always.

Pistachio is 100% Sicilian

Pistachio Nuts

Piedmont Hazelnut

Vanilla Bourbon

All of our ingredients are made from the highest quality
making finest handcrafted ice cream. The preparation is
always carried out with freshly 100% Sicilian Pistachio
nuts, Piedmont hazelnut, Vanilla bourbon so as to ensure
the persistence of aromas and flavors of the final product.
The only Sicilian granita in Venice.


8 types of Chocolate

From September we will give life to the “chocolate
corner”. A selection of incredible chocolate flavors
will be unveiled:

Spicy chocolate (with pepper)
Modica dark chocolate (the only in Venice to
own this prestigious quality), dark pink Himalayan
salt and crue cocoa, orange and pepper, ginger
lemon, chocolate black cherries and others…

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